Translation Agency Cluj Napoca

CRYSSTRAD TRANSLATION AGENCY operates since 2001 and it is the result of a successful co-operation between a series of sworn translators and interpreters specialised on various fields, and our clients, natural or legal persons, as well as our relationships with national and international companies, Notaries Publics' offices, lawyers' offices, Trade Register Office.

Our aim is to cover the all rising need of communication on a dynamic, ever expanding market. Based on professionalism and strict compliance with the terms stipulated by the clients, guaranteed confidentiality in the relations with the clients and the superior service quality, we offer our clients a world of the future, based on multilinguistic communication. Our clients have chosen our company's services first for the great diversity of the fields covered by our specialised translators. In order to provide the appropriate clients with the appropriate specialists, Crysstrad enjoys the co-operation with top professionals in the fields required by the documents and events in which our company's translators participate.