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We offer you sworn translations and interpreters for legal and natural persons, from/into 32 international languages, such as: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Polish, Arab, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Hebrew, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Latin, Macedonian, Serbian, Hindi, Persian.

Sworn translations in the legal field:

Technical translations:

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Economic translations:

Medical translations:

Professional interpretations:
» agreements, Memoranda of Association, Company Articles of Association, General Shareholders’ Resolutions, addendums, minutes of a meeting, authentic documents, any type of certificates, fiscal records, Notary power of attorneys, statements, notifications, legislative texts, court judgments, divorce sentences.

» mechanic, constructions and construction materials, automations, machine tools, electric fields – manuals and technical instructions, safety measures, user’s guides, job specifications, technical sheets, lists of quantities, geotechnical studies..

» software programs, user’s guides, web sites.

» commercial agreements, certificates of attestation, company documents, goods origin certificates, custom statements, transport licences, certificates de conformity – financial-accounting: balances and other accounting documents, financial analyses, documents for international tenders, financing files, invoices – commercial and private correspondence: letters, e-mails, reports, presentations of any type, banking – credit agreements, financial statements, insurances, bank guarantee letters, money orders, marketing – market surveys, financing projects, offers (SAPARD, PHARE)

» medical certificates, hospital release permits, medical certificates, epidemiological records, letters, drug leaflets, medical device user’s guide, medical sheets.

» We offer interpreting services for business meetings with foreign partners, conclusions of notary documents, conferences, exhibitions, marriages with other nationals, document signatories with different institutions, negotiations, auctions etc.