Our Offer

Crysstrad Agency is different by the flexibility offered in establishing translation prices. Prices are established according to the translation field, text difficulty, work amount and deadline. Client negotiations after the translation material is seen. Agreements shall be signed with clients, special offers for new and old clients. The price shall be calculated per standard translated page, that is a 300-word page.

Prices for standard documents

Apostille prices

Interpreting prices

Prices for urgent translations

Price discounts

Additional service taxes

Standard documents: unbeatable prices, advantaging offers, discounts for a greater amount of documents

Between 160 ron and 250 ron according to the type of document, include the apostille applied by the Institution of the Prefect, translation, notarization and over-notarization. For such documents needing special stamp of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour, etc. an additional tax shall be paid, established on each and every case accordingly.

Prices are perceived per hour of service, divisions being accepted as well. To be able to offer you accurate services, the agency needs a few days previous acknowledging time regarding the interpreting service that you wish. For travelling to a different town an additional transport tax shall be required. Negotiable prices.

A 30% increase for translations made in the same day,
10% price increase for loyal clients in such case

For works of over 50 pages a 5% discount is granted.
For works of over 100 pages a 10% discount is granted.

Scanning: 1 ron/page
Photocopying: 0.4 ron/page
Translated text typing: free
Typing only: 5 ron/page
Translated text laser printing (the first and the second copy): free
Any additional copy: 0.4 ron/page

The payment can be made in cash at the agency’s office or by bank transfer or post mandate, accordingly.